Foods To Avoid

Know which high-risk foods to avoid during pregnancy.

The following is a guide of products and foods thought to affect conception, pregnancy and lactation.

Gourmet Cheese

Consumption of cheeses including blue vein, camembert, danish blue, stilton and all unpasteurised cheeses increases the risk of contracting listeria. Listeria is a bacterium linked to miscarriage, birth defects, and stillbirth.


Consumption of any style of pate increases the risk of contracting listeria. Liver and liver-based products contain Vitamin A that can cause birth defects particularly in the first trimester.

Upastereurised Goat or Sheep Products

These products carry the risk of toxoplasmosis, a disease caused by parasites.

Undercooked Meat

Consuming meat that has been cooked rare or medium rare increases the risk of contracting toxoplasmosis, salmonella and escheichia coli (E coli).

Raw or Uncooked Eggs

Eating raw eggs and raw egg products, including homemade mayonnaise, increases the risk of contracting salmonella.



Eating shellfish, particularly raw shellfish such as oysters, increases the risk of listerosis.