Week 29 of Pregnancy

FACTS: The last trimester is a crucial time for your baby’s brain development. As brain-mass increases, the tissue folds into its characteristic walnut-like appearance.

Week 30 of Pregnancy

FACTS: The baby’s brain is rapidly developing as minute and intricate nerve fibres form. This will allow impulses to travel faster and increase the baby’s ability to learn.

Week 32 of Pregnancy

FACTS: Your baby’s lungs will now have most of the airways and airsacs ready for breathing after birth. You may be aware of small twinges as your baby practises breathing inside the womb.

Week 34 of Pregnancy

FACTS: Your baby’s skull has formed in several separate plates that remain soft and pliable so that the head can compress during labour to pass through the birth canal.

Week 38 of Pregnancy

FACTS: A boy baby’s testicles will drop to form the scrotum. Often the genitals of both sexes seem disproportionately large and swollen at birth in response to the withdrawal of maternal oestrogen levels.